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Trade Event Argentina / Uruguay

Trade Event Argentina / Uruguay 1898 934 4PL Intermodal

4PL Intermodal continues activities in the online marketing / trade fair area

In cooperation with the Foreign Chambers of Commerce AHK Argentina and AHK Uruguay as well as the company AHP commissioned by the BMWI, 4PL Intermodal participates in a digital trade event. The live and recorded event counted at least 83 participating companies at any given time and was judged to be of great value and quality.

Collaboration and business expansion of digital intermodal solutions were presented on the South American continent. Market-leading companies were actively addressed alongside experts in the field of seaport logistics via videoconference on sustainable mobility and logistics and port expansion.

Afterwards, the functions and modes of operation of a digital intermodal distribution platform in interaction with the Modules could be explained to the expert audience in 11 bilateral discussions.

4PL Intermodal offers with its software solution IMSLOT and its Modules the possibility to clarify the knowledge about reliable intermodal connections at the mouth of the Río de la Plata.

4PL Intermodal is thus taking the opportunity to connect for the first time with the region’s intermodal stakeholders. Supported, arranged and hosted by AHP International, 4PL Intermodal has successfully presented to more than 80 companies in groupings and bilateral meetings.

Organized by AHP International and supported by the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND ENERGY from Germany, Initiative Mittelstand Global Bafa and AHK`s Uruguay and Argentina we were warmly welcomed as delegates. We were provided with first-hand information and insights about the economy in question. The hospitality, the interest in a successful event as well as the care for a great success was conveyed at any time and finally led to a successful business deal.

Eficient ports in the baltics

Digital Trade Venture Estonia and Latvia

Digital Trade Venture Estonia and Latvia 1871 911 4PL Intermodal

Digital BMWi business development Estonia/Latvia: Sustainable mobility and logistics – Port expansion

In cooperation with the BMWI 4PL intermodal and 7 related companies are interested in cooperation and business expansion to the baltics Estonia and Letvia. Experts from ports and logistics in the baltics haven been met remote.

Rail Baltica is a greenfield rail transport infrastructure project with a goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network. The project includes five European Union countries – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and indirectly also Finland. It will connect Helsinki, Tallinn, Pärnu, Riga, Panevežys, Kaunas, Vilnius, Warsaw. The Baltic part of the Rail Baltica project is referred to as the Rail Baltica Global Project.

4PL Intermodal is offering with it`s software solution IMSLOT and there Modules to improve getting knowledge about realiable intermodal connections to / from / via central europe and the baltics.

Therefore we took the chance to get in touch the first time to the regions intermodal player. Supported, arranged and hosted by AHP International we have been successfull presented our service to more than 50 companies in grouping and bilateral meetings.

Organised by AHP and supported by FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR ECONOMIC AFFAIRS AND ENERGY from Germany, Mittelstand Global Bafa, Gateway Partners we have been warmly welcomed as delagates and also been provided with first-hand information about insights of concerned economy.

4PL Intermodal becomes fully fledged

4PL Intermodal becomes fully fledged 1000 859 4PL Intermodal

In addition to IMSLOT, 4PL Intermodal GmbH has integrated its portfolio promisingly with initial and new customers through the Modules product family.

The demand for a digital, high-quality and neutral mediation is there. With accompanying digitally validated order and processing support, we fulfill the mission of our customers. Above all, the large amount of automatically generated information accompanying the transport brings hoped-for added value for assetholders and their customers.

4PL Intermodal GmbH accompanies this positive demand with continuous personnel adjustments. What began with a laptop in the conference room of the then managing partner Frank Neumann, has now resulted in a spatial change at the company headquarters in Rotenburg/Wümme. We have created significantly more space for employees and our customer meetings by adding additional space.

We have also decided to follow our customers and now also operate from Hamburg at Burchardplatz / Chilehaus in a central location. It is located in the Mohlenhof, a listed building. Here we have access to an infrastructure with use of modern conference rooms.

So it is now possible for us to guarantee the usual customer support from Rotenburg/Wümme and at the same time to accompany the dynamic growth with our customers personally and appropriately.

Kühne Logistics University – KLU Startup-Day 2020

Kühne Logistics University – KLU Startup-Day 2020 1200 900 4PL Intermodal

The Kühne Logistics University – Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Logistik und Unternehmensführung Kühne Logistics University is a private university that focusses on logistics, supply chain management, and management and based in Hamburg.  

Motto Start-up Day 2020
This year we want to discuss what the core innovations in the logistics sector are, how start-ups incorporate them into their business and, above all, what contribution research can make”.

In the session “Alternative Modes” between 14:00 and 15:30 4PL Intermodal will present itself. Afterwards there will be a round table discussion. Beside the sessions there will be a “market place”, where students and participicants can meet startups. After the Startup Day, there will be an after show party at Sovereign Speed.

4PL Intermodal will be present at the KLU Startup-Day on 7. February. It is one of the big startup events in logistics; more than 50 startups and about 500 participants are expected. Admission is subject to a fee. Here you can find details about the KLU Startup Day 2020.

If you want me detailed informations like agenda, topics and participicants, you will find them here.

1st Logistics Conference Central Germany 2019

1st Logistics Conference Central Germany 2019 1200 900 4PL Intermodal

Central Germany is the hub and junction of many trans-European transport axes in logistics.

Whether logistics on the road, rail, water or air – everyone has to face new challenges, realign their corporate philosophy, invest in digitisation and process optimisation in order to remain competitive on the market.

At the 1st Logistics Conference Central Germany this was implemented with an accompanying exhibitor fair to the event as well as networking.

Greetings from the Minister of Transport of Saxony-Anhalt Thomas Webel

State minister of transport Webel describes the ideal booking process of a transport in digital terms and thus provides a target description of the future transport of goods. With regard to intermodal bookings, IMSLOT can already deliver today. Jens Pawlowski, Head of the Berlin BGL Representative Office, describes the growth of trade flows and the need for communication platforms. With managing director Patrick Ernst from Salzland Rail Service, the participants get an insight into the current challenges in continental freight rail transport. It is and will remain a challenge to keep the local facts in the digital offers of DB AG always up to date.

Kai Maaß as Vice President of DB Cargo AG, on the other hand, tries to work out the immense requirements in the railway system in such a way that each participant became aware of the complexity a railway traffic is exposed to. Much has been and is being invested in “rail”. Digitalization is only one aspect of becoming more efficient. Hergen Hanke, with the newly founded modal 3 Logistik, is now operationally developing offers for all modes of transport rail, truck and barge.

Nils-Olaf Klabunde presents the features of IMSLOT.

4PL Intermodal used the trade fair to bring the IMSLOT product closer to the participants via the exhibition stand and the startup pitch.

DVWG 16 Baltic Transport Forum / Presentation of IMSLOT

DVWG 16 Baltic Transport Forum / Presentation of IMSLOT 1920 1439 4PL Intermodal

On 7 November 2019, 90 participants from Germany, Sweden and Poland met within the framework of a railway transport conference: the focus was on questions concerning passenger and freight transport from a scientific, political and economic point of view. Is rail transport the driving force or bottleneck for the maritime economy and population in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

In four sessions extensive details were illuminated in informative and expert impulse lectures. In the end, at least for Dr. Pahnke, it was clear that rail freight transport was only just really getting started and that collaboration between all participants was a necessary prerequisite for this.

Session 1: Development and perspectives in passenger transport in MV 8

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Reise, DVWG Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. / Hochschule Wismar

  • Greeting from the State Government
    Dr. Rainer Kosmider, Ministry for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitization
  • Planning of local rail passenger transport in MV in the context of rail infrastructure and finance
    Dr. Rainer Kosmider, Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitisation
  • Long-distance rail passenger transport development in MV from the point of view of the German cycle
    Robert Ohler, DB Fernverkehr

Session 2: Hardware Infrastructure: Basis for efficient rail traffic

Moderation: Arvid Kämmerer, DVWG MV e.V.

  • Development of the rail infrastructure in the northeast – service provider for maritime hinterland transport
    Arvid Kämmerer, DVWG MV e.V.
  • DB Netz and Seaport Hinterland Transport – Focus on Capacity and Quality in the Next Years
    Renado Kropp, DB Netz AG
  • Capacity and quality development through digital interlockings and ETCS – Example pilot project, Berlin – Rostock and Rostock nodes
    Ingo Buhlke, DB Netz AG

Session 3: International Tendencies / Focus of Maritime Developments

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Reise

  • Future Use of Rail Ferries – Conditions and Dependencies
    Ron Gerlach, Stena Line
  • Current state and recent developments in swedish rail hinterland traffic
    Richard Kirchner, Green Cargo
  • Latest developments in polish port hinterland rail transport
    Robert Marek, Gdynia Maritime University

Session 4: Forum freight traffic in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Moderation: Dr. Bernd-Rüdiger Pahnke, TFG Transfracht

  • Entry and introduction to the contributions
    Dr. Pahnke, TFG Transfracht
  • Optimisation of Finnlines activities under the current challenges
    Uwe Bakosch, Finnlines
  • IMSLOT – book KV easily
    Nils-Olaf Klabunde, 4PL Intermodal
  • Log logistics at the interface between port and rail
    Steffen Borstel, Baltic Wood Transport
  • Moderated panel discussion, inquiries
    Dr. Pahnke and speakers

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

IMSLOT – Accelerated digital bookings on the New Silk Road

IMSLOT – Accelerated digital bookings on the New Silk Road 1920 1280 4PL Intermodal

InterRail and 4PL Intermodal presented their approach for intermodal digital bookings for the relation Europe – China v.v. to the international trade audience for the first time on 15.11.2019 at the “China Chengdu International Supply Chain and Smart Logistics Expo 2019“.

Membership of the “Logistikportal Niedersachsen” (Lower Saxony Logistics Platform)

Membership of the “Logistikportal Niedersachsen” (Lower Saxony Logistics Platform) 1240 600 4PL Intermodal

4PL Intermodal is involved in the transport committee of the IHK Stade and now also in the logistics platform Niedersachsen based in Hanover.

Leading logistics fair “transport logistic” 2019 with 4PL

Leading logistics fair “transport logistic” 2019 with 4PL 2700 1800 4PL Intermodal

4PL at the joint booth of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) – young innovative start-ups

Lower Saxony supports 4PL Intermodal

Lower Saxony supports 4PL Intermodal 1240 600 4PL Intermodal

The company 4PL Intermodal GmbH from the district of Rotenburg will in future be supported by the state of Lower Saxony.

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