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UpLoadIMSLOT Modules

After the decision to use an intermodal offer has been made, the placement of the transport order takes place. Depending on the scope of the information and the number of orders, this can be a laborious undertaking. Not every company has interfaces to all its service providers. Should updates to these bookings be made afterwards, the same effort and care must be taken.

IMSLOT customers now have the UpLoad module available as a service. . To make the booking as an activity in the interest of both parties in such a way that updates can be made as often and as promptly as necessary, and at the same time to book the desired capacities as quickly as possible during the initial booking.

With the UpLoad service, client-related logic is stored in the module so that individual XLS formats with individual structures for the service providers can be stored and used.

Companies that have not established an interface to their service providers can easily place their bookings and booking updates across companies with the UpLoad Manager. This is particularly useful if you have a large volume of bookings and/or these change frequently.

service provider, this service is available for status messages. The service fulfills a useful purpose in many respects as an interface replacement medium.

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