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4PL Intermodal GmbH

As a digital logistics service provider, we support our customers in organizing and completing the transport of goods from industry and trade.

Digitizing intermodal order networking is the goal of 4PL.

Partial services are processed together in such a way that intermodal customers can successfully find and process their desired connection. We put ourselves at the service of the intermodalists with individual and standardized software products.

Transport chains simply networked!

Networking as a solution

“Together towards the goal” – even the best individual TMS software reaches its implementation limits if the systems behind it do not communicate as desired. We understand our task to be, among other things, to automatically network efficient and proven system landscapes with one another in such a way that every TMS is compatible.

Only then is it possible to showcase our competence (visibility and marketing of free resources) in the best possible way. Only in this way can the most efficient utilization of the resources offered be implemented.

4PL Intermodal entwickelt:

  • successful order networking of partial services
  • innovative IT-based solutions for logistic networks
  • high quality intermodal supply chain solution

Intermodal software solutions


IMSLOT is the neutral IT platform for intermodal transport routes, which reduces demanding booking processes to a few minutes thanks to a consistent digitization strategy and cross-industry standards.

IMSLOT Modules

With IMSLOT Modules we develop smart extensions according to the specific specifications and requirements of our customers. These expand the functionality of IMSLOT individually. Our customers can present their services stored in IMSLOT on their own website. We enable intermodal providers to import their customers’ bookings directly into their own TMS without high administrative hurdles….

Values that are important to us

As a developer of cross-sector standards for intermodal freight transport, our work is based on values that are fundamental for the acceptance and success of our solutions.


Qualified booking receipts

4PL Intermodal maps the entire cycle of a booking via its booking portal IMSLOT; from the initiation (inquiry), to the booking, to the accompaniment in the handling of the physical process of the combined order with its digital stamps for the connected TMS systems. Combined transport (especially mar…


ReMuNet – Resilient multimodal freight transport network

The research project, funded by the European Union, was officially launched on 01.07.2023 and is scheduled to run for three years. The consortium leader is the FIR, Aachen. The FIR is a non-profit, cross-industry research and training institution at RWTH Aachen University in the field of business or…

Questions & Answers about 4PL Intermodal GmbH

As a start-up, we at 4PL Intermodal can experimentally apply and test new ideas and technical prototypes. In addition to the necessary know-how, we and our team are also interested in continuous further development. We create all the prerequisites for this. In this way the greatest possible success of the tasks in the projects is conceptually given and has also been achieved to date.

In addition, with its platform economy and technical support, 4PL Intermodal has the necessary resources to provide the research institutions with ideal conditions.

Yes, IMSLOT is being used productively by a steadily growing number of very well-known representatives of the intermodal transport industry. Due to the complex tasks in the transport sector, we grow consciously step by step and always with our partners and clients. In addition, IMSLOT modules are also used in research projects.

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