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IMSLOT - The neutral IT platform for intermodal transport routes

Intermodal booking in a few minutes

With IMSLOT, 4PL has developed a neutral IT platform for intermodal transport routes that reliably reduces demanding and validated booking processes to a few minutes.

IMSLOT supports you with relevant functions, from contract management to the recording of transport routes, availability display, usage times of the assets, the search for offers for the customer, the booking process including subsequent status reports, to the documentation and evaluation of all desired events.

The advantages for all users are time savings, reliability, flexibility, efficiency and the neutrally validated quality of the booking process reduced to a few minutes.

validated intermodal bookings in a few minutes

IMSLOT offers the networking of all stakeholders around the transport. The orders entered or executed via EDI order communication are listed in a comprehensive dashboard for processing.

The bookings can be managed and processed in the system.

The software solution for the intermodal transport industry

Well-known service providers and their customers from all links in the intermodal transport chain have been involved in the development from the very first conception.

The consistent implementation of ideas and requirements by software experts enables the provision of an efficient software solution. This already takes into account the special requirements of Assetholder shipping / rail / truck and their customers. The use of IMSLOT in daily processing enables quality improvement and cost savings.


Standardized booking

The standardized booking in IMSLOT reflects a complete, immediate and time-independent booking process for a transport order. The connection to external software is possible.

Status information

The documentation of the transport-relevant milestones by the service provider enables the evaluation of the transports carried out.

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IMSLOT integrates TX logistics and TFG truck orders

In IMSLOT, orders from freight forwarders and shipping companies are already processed fully automatically with intermodal providers. Order communication with the truck service providers for pre- and on-carriage is also part of the requirements for a modern platform architecture. The orders of TX Lo…

PhysICAL Graz
IMSLOT | research

PhysICAL starts / Fraunhofer Research Austria counts on IMSLOT Modules

“We do research for a better environment” says Dr. Sandra Stein (Fraunhofer Research Austria, Vienna). This slogan is the subtitle of PhysICAL; the ambitious 4-year Austrian research project.

Questions & Answers about IMSLOT

IMSLOT modules are basically developed according to the needs of the IMSLOT customers and their users. The focus is on universal use for all IMSLOT customers. If this is an individual and exclusive requirement, this will also be taken into account. We are at your disposal for feature requests or suggestions.

It took us 4 weeks from the development to the integration of a module in the shortest possible time. This includes the conception as well as the test operation including LIVE gear. weiterlesen

Yes, IMSLOT is being used productively by a steadily growing number of very well-known representatives of the intermodal transport industry. Due to the complex tasks in the transport sector, we grow consciously step by step and always with our partners and clients. In addition, IMSLOT modules are also used in research projects.

The bases of the calculation are subject to the scientific criteria. Here, DIN 16258: 2011 is a guideline for calculation and evaluation.

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