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The disposition is done.

The truck fleet is on the way.

Ordered tours become a reality.

Customers now want to know exactly whether the loading deadline can be met. Scheduling is your number 1 contact for these tasks. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of traffic and the daily challenges, there is no time to take care of it right now. Information about the customer is then not always guaranteed immediately.

With IMSLOT Modules Asset Tracker, an additional application has been implemented precisely for this purpose. The customers can be informed independently and independently of the disposition nevertheless exactly and LIVE. Estimated arrival times are constantly updated, calculated and communicated at short intervals. Completely autonomous and automated through the service of the Asset Tracker module.

Map view of a tour in the overview of the IMSLOT Module Asset Tracker
Map view of a tour in the overview of the IMSLOT Module Asset Tracker

In addition, this module enables the entrepreneur to give his customers an immediate transmission of the respective geo-position of the truck used. The data is read in from the truck via flexible interfaces, assigned to the respective order and validated. A reliable service transmits this data to involved parties upon request.

Truck entrepreneurs can therefore leave this position data to their intermodal customers. This enables them to plan their ramp disposition even more reliably, for example.

Both intermodal customers and their industrial customers can import this information directly into their TMS (Transport Management System) via individual interfaces. The networking of those involved in the transport is thus supported in a barrier-free manner.

Individual evaluations of the loading points and infrastructure locations complete the offer of the Asset Tracker. Those involved in the transport are informed neutrally about the performance at all times. Developments can be dealt with promptly.

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