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Container sea vessels are queried with their exact ship position every hour and displayed on their last position. The arrival times at the scheduled quays are updated. Based on this, intermodal bookings can be queried and updated – fully automatically.

In the Vessel Tracker module, the task of bringing the container ships into mutual dependence with the quay operations is solved. This connection subsequently enables a smooth reconciliation of the corresponding hinterland activities. Import and export bookings with the intermodal operators are constantly checked for connectivity. Dashboards enable dispatchers to intervene in a targeted manner to ensure transportation.

The hourly update methods are precise enough to record changes in arrival and departure times and any resulting shifts in quay operations.

FAQ "IMSLOT Modules, Vessel Tracker"

How is a CO2 factor calculated?

The bases of the calculation are subject to the scientific criteria. Here, DIN 16258: 2011 is a guideline for calculation and evaluation.

Is IMSLOT already being used productively?

Yes, IMSLOT is being used productively by a steadily growing number of very well-known representatives of the intermodal transport industry. Due to the complex tasks in the transport sector, we grow consciously step by step and always with our partners and clients. In addition, IMSLOT modules are also used in research projects.

How long does it take to integrate a module on my own website?

The time required depends on whether a requirement has to be conceptually rewritten or whether we can already refer to a development at 4PL Intermodal.

It took us 4 weeks from the development to the integration of a module in the shortest possible time. This includes the conception as well as the test operation including LIVE gear.

In principle, we have had good experiences when we contribute to companies with iterative methods and successive implementation processes. This can mean up to 12 months of effort for those involved.

What criteria are used to select new IMSLOT modules?

IMSLOT modules are basically developed according to the needs of the IMSLOT customers and their users. The focus is on universal use for all IMSLOT customers. If this is an individual and exclusive requirement, this will also be taken into account. We are at your disposal for feature requests or suggestions.

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