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Intermodal services are subject to many external influences.

The utilization of trains, e.g. in the seaport, depends on the punctuality of a seagoing vessel. If this comes too late, the planned slots often have to be filled elsewhere. A high utilization of the expensive assets is the basis of a successful intermodal provider.

The better the actual utilization can be determined in advance, the more successfully the overall system can be controlled and, for example, train circulations can be optimized. This can also benefit the environment.

The Slot Optimizer continuously validates any relation according to specified parameters. For example, new trends are determined every hour and shown to customers as required.

With knowledge of the load variances in relation to the complex network activities, optimizations can be systematically identified and reflected in the company. The Asset Optimizer also supports this through external sources such as the Vessel Tracker and the CF Illustrator. The information required for the overall picture is highly informative and improves the products.

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