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Intermodal transports require a lot of energy to move goods that weigh tons. The energy consumption can also be measured on its CO2e consumption. The results are to be presented clearly and based on the actual consumption values. This is the goal of the CF Illustrator module.

With scientific support and state-approved methodology, a consumption-dependent value per individual transport has now been determined and presented for the first time.

In IMSLOT, specific transport service requests are returned according to the price, the delivery reliability and the transport time using sorted lists of possible realizations. The representation of the environmental impact caused by a (potentially selected) transport is implemented using the CFI.

Ultimately, the aim is for decision-makers to make more sustainable decisions than before based on the additional information made available. The exact design of this additional information is currently under development. include ideas

  • an objective representation of emitted CO2 equivalents (CO2e; this is a weighted sum of relevant greenhouse gases)
  • using a standardized point scale (e.g. 0-100), the specific value of which can be a (weighted) sum of different factors such as CO2e, noise, road safety, etc
  • a graphic representation in the form of e.g. leaves that take on colors or shapes depending on the sustainability value

In the background, some complex calculations are necessary for each of these refurbishments. It is fundamentally crucial that an ex-ante calculation must be carried out using historical data and recognized estimates in order to be able to control the influence on the decision-makers.

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