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14th October 2022

CT4EU – European Intiative

Door-to-door combined transport is the future of freight transport in Europe.

By intelligently linking rail, road and waterways, intermodal freight transport stands for a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gases of up to 90% and a reduction in energy demand of up to 70%.

At the same time, intermodal transport leads to better working conditions for truck drivers and to sustainable relief on congested roads and their residents. Carbon-free combined transport will enable the decarbonisation of domestic freight transport on a well-to-wheel basis by 2050.

The CT4EU campaign is an initiative of the UIRR, the European association of combined freight transport companies. These are terminal operators, one-way companies and rail freight operators.

The aim of the initiative is to raise political awareness at European and national level for necessary legislative changes in favour of climate-neutral transport options. Supporting this is a political statement by 4PL Intermodal GmbH.

Details of the campaign; the supporting network and activities can be found at www.ct4eu.eu.

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