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30th July 2023

Suitability for the training company Apprentice shipment

Putting the future in your own hands –

Software engineers, software development, system integration and commercial processes; all this is mapped at 4PL Intermodal.

The idea of personally passing on our strengths, quality products and social values to the next generation in our dynamic company was successfully developed.

At the responsible chamber, the Stade Chamber of Industry and Commerce, 2 employees of 4PL Intermodal took part in the AEVO examination for the recognition of professional suitability as trainers. Due to the successful completion, as well as a personal acceptance of the company by the responsible IHK Stade, 4PL Intermodal GmbH has now been officially recognized as a training company.

4PL Intermodal thus offers interested young people and retrainees the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in the following occupational fields:

  • IT Specialist Application Development
  • IT Specialist System Integration
  • Merchants for office management

Interested parties can contact us at

Your personal B2B contact

Nils Olaf Klabunde


Nils-Olaf Klabunde ist seit über 20 Jahren im intermodalen containerisierten Güterverkehr in unterschiedlichen Positionen aktiv.

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