25th April 2023

HEGEL – 1. interim report

The national mFund research project HEGEL ( Hypernetwork of German Logistics -Nutzung des Potenzials von Hypernetzwerken in Güterverkehr und Logistik ) has reached its first milestone. This was submitted to the project sponsor in the first interim report.

4PL Intermodal participated in the following work packages:

  • System analysis of logistic networks and their markets / Analysis of logistic networks.
  • System analysis of logistics networks and their markets / Definition of additional data needs and submarkets.
  • Derivation of data gaps / Primary data collection to capture logistics provider networks.
  • Derivation of data gaps / data acquisition for logistic hypernetworks.
  • Potential studies on the transparency of logistical hypernetworks / Focus on intermodal transport.

The current results of the project give rise to the hope that new business models for intermodal freight transport will also be derived from this. The HEGEL consortium is working with a very high level of expertise on this narrow degree of innovation, taking into account market-based exploitation. In particular, the interplay of theoretically mathematical models and practical relevance increases the probability of successful exploitation in economically new product innovations in the intermodal sector.

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