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28th March 2022

KLU Internship / Supply Chain Management

4PL Intermodal is one of 6 consortium partners of HEGEL. Within this 3 years ongoing research programm we offer students from Kühne Logistics University (KLU) Hamburg to take part in an internship at 4PL. Initially Gijs Kool applied for an opportunity to recess his knowledge in intermodal business. As well as we on 4PL side assists in a KLU lecture with our IMSLOT service. Finally we ask him to summarize his intership in a short blog.

Profile: Gijs Kool (26 years), from the Netherlands, student Msc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management at Kühne Logistics University (KLU) Hamburg 

4PL Intermodal GmbH is a young, ambitious, and open-minded company at the intersection where IT/Software, data analysis and intermodal transport come together. The company has a fine and team with a clear vision of where the company wants to go, namely digitizing and facilitating an easy booking and follow-up process of transport units for intermodal transport.

I was part of the team during my internship of 3 months from January to March 2022. During my internship I was involved in solving strategic issues, helping to improve, and expanding the possibilities of the product IMSLOT, and with the operational activities, such as customer support and management. During the internship I learned a lot about digitization.

The people at 4PL Intermodal are very eager to learn, which I have experienced as an absolute plus, I have learned (and benefited) from their accumulated expertise and they from my theoretical knowledge from the university and my experience and knowledge from my work experience at freight railways. Within the company there is a very open culture in which things can be discussed, input is valued, and Nils-Olaf took me to almost all his business meetings, from which I learned a lot about doing business in the German business context. I can recommend anyone who wants to do an internship, where you get a lot of personal responsibility, there is room to ask questions and to improve, expand and change business processes, to do this Internship at 4PL Intermodal.

No day is the same, and if you are interested in digitization, data analysis and/or (green) freight transport, you’ve found the right place! There is always something to do…  

To conclude, I would like to thank everyone at 4PL for the fun and educational time! 

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