LIVE tracking with container trucks into your own TMS? – A must have!

LIVE tracking with container trucks into your own TMS? – A must have! 800 800 4PL Intermodal

IMSLOT generates automated high-quality and multi-layered validated bookings of intermodal customers for the service providers.

In the further process, these bookings are transformed from the PLAN value during a physical implementation on site to the ACTUAL value; this is the case when the truck starts its tour.

On IMSLOT there are already assteholders who exchange this LIVE data with their customers, e.g. in trucking, for an expense fee.

IMSLOT Modules supports this requirement. Via an interface as well as via dashboard the customer can track his booked tour LIVE on a map.

The expected time of arrival (ETA) is calculated and delays / postponements can be detected and exchanged in time.

In January 2020, 4PL Intermodal received the order from various intermodal providers to implement this functionality on the basis of geo-fencing.

The challenge in this project is to assign the truck routes to the correct transport, independent of manual support by the truck drivers. This is also possible under the condition of complex processing modalities that are often not noted in the orders (pickup / detaching / customs stops / turnaround …).

Today we are able to reliably meet the demands of our customers and now supply, among others, the IoT specialized start-up company LinkedDots from Bangalore, India, founded in 2015.

This company implements this requirement for its clients with container tracking data, e.g. every 15 minutes. The container number and order number are assigned to a transport and can therefore be used for the client’s TMS.

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