1st Logistics Conference Central Germany 2019

1st Logistics Conference Central Germany 2019 1200 900 4PL Intermodal

Central Germany is the hub and junction of many trans-European transport axes in logistics.

Whether logistics on the road, rail, water or air – everyone has to face new challenges, realign their corporate philosophy, invest in digitisation and process optimisation in order to remain competitive on the market.

At the 1st Logistics Conference Central Germany this was implemented with an accompanying exhibitor fair to the event as well as networking.

Greetings from the Minister of Transport of Saxony-Anhalt Thomas Webel

State minister of transport Webel describes the ideal booking process of a transport in digital terms and thus provides a target description of the future transport of goods. With regard to intermodal bookings, IMSLOT can already deliver today. Jens Pawlowski, Head of the Berlin BGL Representative Office, describes the growth of trade flows and the need for communication platforms. With managing director Patrick Ernst from Salzland Rail Service, the participants get an insight into the current challenges in continental freight rail transport. It is and will remain a challenge to keep the local facts in the digital offers of DB AG always up to date.

Kai Maaß as Vice President of DB Cargo AG, on the other hand, tries to work out the immense requirements in the railway system in such a way that each participant became aware of the complexity a railway traffic is exposed to. Much has been and is being invested in “rail”. Digitalization is only one aspect of becoming more efficient. Hergen Hanke, with the newly founded modal 3 Logistik, is now operationally developing offers for all modes of transport rail, truck and barge.

Nils-Olaf Klabunde presents the features of IMSLOT.

4PL Intermodal used the trade fair to bring the IMSLOT product closer to the participants via the exhibition stand and the startup pitch.

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