Slot Optimizer

Slot Optimizer

The Slot Optimizer automatically determines the utilization and tendency of all resources. This knowledge is immediately taken into account and used in corporate communication via booking options. Corresponding price offers can be linked to utilization scenarios.

Time Table

Time Table

The heart of an intermodal provider is the timetable for its assets. These are subject to constant change and adaptation. IMSLOT Modules Time Table brings every change directly to the website. Customers are informed from the control center.

CF Illustrator

Intermodal transports require a lot of energy to move goods that weigh tons. The energy consumption can also be measured on its CO2e consumption. The results are to be presented clearly and based on the actual consumption values. This is the goal of the CF Illustrator module. With scientific support and state-approved methodology, a consumption-dependent…

Asset Tracker

With the asset tracker, the intermodal provider offers its customers an immediate transmission of the respective geo-position of the truck used when it is presented. The data is read in by the transport company via flexible interfaces. The intermodal customer can now use this position data and assign it in their own TMS (Transport Management System).

Advanced Booking

Advanced Booking enables the intermodal provider to handle fully validated and GDPR-compliant booking processes via its own website. Advanced Booking is the consistent further development of Capacity LookUp and increases the efficiency of IMSLOT for business relationships with low to medium frequency.

Capacity LookUp

Capacity LookUp enables the services stored in IMSLOT to be integrated on your own website. Intermodal customers receive immediate answers to their capacity and price inquiries. This enables the services stored in IMSLOT to also be used for new customers and customers with low booking frequencies.

IMSLOT Modules

With IMSLOT Modules, we develop smart extensions according to the specific specifications and requirements of our customers. These expand the functionality of IMSLOT individually. Our customers can present their performance stored in IMSLOT on their own website. We enable intermodal providers to import their customers’ bookings directly into their own TMS without high administrative hurdles….


IMSLOT is the neutral IT platform for intermodal transport routes, which reduces demanding booking processes to a few minutes thanks to a consistent digitization strategy and cross-industry standards.