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9th April 2022

CO2e Calculation – Dynamic + load oriented

One of the aims of the Austrian PhysICAL research project is to raise awareness of resource-efficient transport services in the intermodal booking process by increasing transparency.

This should be achieved, among other things, by a suitable processing and presentation of the consumption values PLAN / ACTUAL in the production process. In current intermodal transports, comparisons between the individual sectors tend to be made or shown. The values presented today are derived from standardised scientific studies and are not based at all on the consumption values of the resources used.

A first important milestone has now been reached in work package 4. It is now possible to subdivide any transport offer into individual production sections using the IMSLOT CFI module. At present, the resources of the railway and the lorry are to be stored.

In the case of the railway, care was taken to ensure that it is also possible to represent multi-unit transport services offered by the operators. So ist es möglich eine Rangierfahrt ebenso zu klassifizieren wie auch typische Shuttlefahrten mit direkten Schwungfahrten in die Terminals. The energy medium used is also assigned per product, as is the route profile of the product.

In addition to rail, HGVs are currently already characterised and assignable by a wide variety of drive and consumption factors per assigned terminal or economic region.

The production sections are then determined and calculated based on the drive type, transport section distance, geo-related location, energy source used and current load weight of the product.

When booking, the current utilisation levels can thus be taken into account and the possibility of optimising desired factors opens up in colloborative processes. In this case, the aim is to reduce the consumption of the factor CO2e in the project.

The methodology used takes into account, among other things, the ISO 14083 standard. This standard provides the basis for future CO2 calculations and stipulates that actual values should be used whenever possible. CO2 trading (i.e. certificates) must not be included.

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