IMSLOT Modules „TimeTable“

IMSLOT Modules „TimeTable“ 913 635 4PL Intermodal

Quickly check which trains are suitable for loading the container…

IMSLOT Module TimeTable – Timetables directly from the control center

Intermodal service offerings are complex. They thrive on the timeliness of production options. Intermodal customers expect reliable information when researching the desired train connection.

The current practice is a static representation of the extensive network via download on the company website.

We at 4PL Intermodal have the claim that our customers can present the highest possible topicality and transparency of their network.

Based on the production network, the best possible production proposals are developed in IMSLOT. These are proposed for booking option in connection with the contract basis of the clients.

This detailed work on the own intermodal production network is possible on the platform IMSLOT as well as via interface. From now on, this variety of information can also be displayed on the provider’s own corporate website.

All interested parties are provided with constantly updated connection overviews with practice-oriented information in a freely accessible query module.

The following display criteria are currently implemented:

  • Relation-specific queries
  • Period selection 1 to 3 weeks in one view
  • Forward and backward search for relation selection
  • Product naming
  • individualized display of departure / arrival infrastructures

The current IMSLOT Module Version 0.2.1 is the entry into sophisticated enterprise communication of operational intermodal networks.

PhysICAL Graz

PhysICAL starts / Fraunhofer Research Austria counts on IMSLOT Modules

PhysICAL starts / Fraunhofer Research Austria counts on IMSLOT Modules 2560 1920 4PL Intermodal

“We do research for a better environment” says Dr. Sandra Stein.

This slogan is the subtitle of PhysICAL, the ambitious Austrian research project that has been running for 4 years. On 17.07.2020 all 17 project partners met in the Cargo Center Graz. Here, the individual consortium partners introduced themselves, organizational basics were exchanged. Under the leadership of Fraunhofer Research Austria first scheduling of the upcoming workshops on basic research was made.

The lead project PhysICAL (Physical Internet through Cooperative Austrian Logistics) creates the necessary conditions for a comprehensive implementation of the Physical Internet in Austria – for climate protection and for more efficient transport logistics. The 17 project partners are developing applications in four different sectors. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology will ultimately evaluate and certify the effectiveness of the novel concepts.

The PhysICAL project is supported and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency within the framework of the RTI program Mobility of the Future.

The four pilot projects are 

  1. Smart wood logistics
  2. Open transport management platform
  3. Supply Chain 3.0
  4. New last CEP – Mile

All of them combine the demonstration of the advantages of the Physical Internet in different industries and a digital twin of the Austrian transport network. The digital twin enables forecasting and optimization possibilities in connection with network usage and design and thus serves to improve the resilience of the entire network.

“We were enthusiastic and open for the project from the beginning” admits Nils-Olaf Klabunde at 4PL Intermodal GmbH.

“The idea and previous implementations of IMSLOT and the modules go hand in hand with the requirements of the project leading and accompanying scientists from Vienna and Graz. The inquiry came as a surprise but our team is of course very pleased that IMSLOT is to provide a basis for this. “

We will keep you informed in separate 4PL Intermodal Blogs as well as on the project-related website

LIVE tracking with container trucks into your own TMS? – A must have!

LIVE tracking with container trucks into your own TMS? – A must have! 800 800 4PL Intermodal

IMSLOT generates automated high-quality and multi-layered validated bookings of intermodal customers for the service providers.

In the further process, these bookings are transformed from the PLAN value during a physical implementation on site to the ACTUAL value; this is the case when the truck starts its tour.

On IMSLOT there are already assteholders who exchange this LIVE data with their customers, e.g. in trucking, for an expense fee.

IMSLOT Modules supports this requirement. Via an interface as well as via dashboard the customer can track his booked tour LIVE on a map.

The expected time of arrival (ETA) is calculated and delays / postponements can be detected and exchanged in time.

In January 2020, 4PL Intermodal received the order from various intermodal providers to implement this functionality on the basis of geo-fencing.

The challenge in this project is to assign the truck routes to the correct transport, independent of manual support by the truck drivers. This is also possible under the condition of complex processing modalities that are often not noted in the orders (pickup / detaching / customs stops / turnaround …).

Today we are able to reliably meet the demands of our customers and now supply, among others, the IoT specialized start-up company LinkedDots from Bangalore, India, founded in 2015.

This company implements this requirement for its clients with container tracking data, e.g. every 15 minutes. The container number and order number are assigned to a transport and can therefore be used for the client’s TMS.

DVWG 16 Baltic Transport Forum / Presentation of IMSLOT

DVWG 16 Baltic Transport Forum / Presentation of IMSLOT 1920 1439 4PL Intermodal

On 7 November 2019, 90 participants from Germany, Sweden and Poland met within the framework of a railway transport conference: the focus was on questions concerning passenger and freight transport from a scientific, political and economic point of view. Is rail transport the driving force or bottleneck for the maritime economy and population in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

In four sessions extensive details were illuminated in informative and expert impulse lectures. In the end, at least for Dr. Pahnke, it was clear that rail freight transport was only just really getting started and that collaboration between all participants was a necessary prerequisite for this.

Session 1: Development and perspectives in passenger transport in MV 8

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Reise, DVWG Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. / Hochschule Wismar

  • Greeting from the State Government
    Dr. Rainer Kosmider, Ministry for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitization
  • Planning of local rail passenger transport in MV in the context of rail infrastructure and finance
    Dr. Rainer Kosmider, Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitisation
  • Long-distance rail passenger transport development in MV from the point of view of the German cycle
    Robert Ohler, DB Fernverkehr

Session 2: Hardware Infrastructure: Basis for efficient rail traffic

Moderation: Arvid Kämmerer, DVWG MV e.V.

  • Development of the rail infrastructure in the northeast – service provider for maritime hinterland transport
    Arvid Kämmerer, DVWG MV e.V.
  • DB Netz and Seaport Hinterland Transport – Focus on Capacity and Quality in the Next Years
    Renado Kropp, DB Netz AG
  • Capacity and quality development through digital interlockings and ETCS – Example pilot project, Berlin – Rostock and Rostock nodes
    Ingo Buhlke, DB Netz AG

Session 3: International Tendencies / Focus of Maritime Developments

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Reise

  • Future Use of Rail Ferries – Conditions and Dependencies
    Ron Gerlach, Stena Line
  • Current state and recent developments in swedish rail hinterland traffic
    Richard Kirchner, Green Cargo
  • Latest developments in polish port hinterland rail transport
    Robert Marek, Gdynia Maritime University

Session 4: Forum freight traffic in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Moderation: Dr. Bernd-Rüdiger Pahnke, TFG Transfracht

  • Entry and introduction to the contributions
    Dr. Pahnke, TFG Transfracht
  • Optimisation of Finnlines activities under the current challenges
    Uwe Bakosch, Finnlines
  • IMSLOT – book KV easily
    Nils-Olaf Klabunde, 4PL Intermodal
  • Log logistics at the interface between port and rail
    Steffen Borstel, Baltic Wood Transport
  • Moderated panel discussion, inquiries
    Dr. Pahnke and speakers

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Membership of the “Logistikportal Niedersachsen” (Lower Saxony Logistics Platform)

Membership of the “Logistikportal Niedersachsen” (Lower Saxony Logistics Platform) 1240 600 4PL Intermodal

4PL Intermodal is involved in the transport committee of the IHK Stade and now also in the logistics platform Niedersachsen based in Hanover.

First-class debut of IMSLOT at the “transport logistic” in Munich

First-class debut of IMSLOT at the “transport logistic” in Munich 1200 1070 4PL Intermodal

4PL Intermodal successfully presented itself at the BMWi joint booth on 4 days of the fair. For the first time we could present our software product IMSLOT to more than 80 companies.

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