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IMSLOT – The neutral trading platform for intermodal transport routes

Intermodal booking in just a few minutes

Combined freight transport is undergoing a massiv restructuring process. So far, it has been difficult to achieve widespread digitisation in this sector. A validated booking process in seaport hinterland transport can still take up to 72 hours. With IMSLOT, 4PL Intermodal has developed a neutral trading platform for intermodal transport routes. IMSLOT reduces validated booking processes to just a few minutes.

Developed by specialists for specialists

From the very first concept, renowned service providers and their customers from all links of the intermodal transport chain have been involved in the development. The consistent implementation of ideas and requirements by software experts makes it possible to provide an efficient software solution that takes into account all requirements of assetholder barge/short- and deepsea/train/truck and it’s customers.

Digitization with intelligence and expertise

IMSLOT faciliates flexible integration and use for all system participants. The existing processes, however complex and heterogeneous the individual sub-services may be, are stored in a new way. This enables the collaboration of all participants.

IMSLOT provides all necessary functions required for contract management to recording transport routes, availability, operating times, searching for quotations, the booking process, status report, documentation and evaluation. Thus, the processing for all participants (regardless of their own degree of digitization) is implemented highly efficiently.

The advantages for all users are time savings, reliability, efficiency and the validated quality of the booking process, which is reduced to just a few minutes.

KPIs are only available to bilateral partners, and also help the overall system to show the improvements. Combined traffic with a volume of approx. 4 million TEU p.a. in Germany lives from the cooperation of all market participants!

Industry specific features for digital commerce

IMSLOT offers all market participants industry-specific features. This accelerates, simplifies and improves daily capacity trading.

resource management

The assetholder creates his offered transport routes in the system. Using availabilities and operating times, customers can independently book the required transport routes online.

standardized booking process

The standardized booking allows the complete, immediate and time-independent processing of a transport order as well as the interface to external software.

collaboration with transport chain participants

Upstream and downstream transport companies are actively informed of any changes. This enables subsequent partners in the transport chain to adapt to changes independently.

contract management

Extensive and complex offer structures are prepared by concrete booking requests and can therefore be evaluated in monetary terms.

KPI analysis

Extensive and complex offer structures are prepared by concrete booking requests and will be evaluated in monetary terms.


The dispoboard provides the necessary overview of all individual bookings and thus enables quick intervention at any time.

diesel floater

Daily fluctuations of the market fuel price are taken into account in the bidding process.

action parameters

Not every information is always availableat the time of the transport booking. Individually definable action parameters remind the customer of deadlines and indicate deadlines well in advance.

yield management

Hourly scalable discount functionalities enable targeted adjustments to optimise yield management.

capacity transparency

Transparency in rail, barge and truck capacities creates binding direct access to existing resources of contractors.

status information

The documentation of the relevant milestones by the service provider is the forerunner for the evaluation of the transports carried out.

efficiency increase

By integrating all actors in the transport industry, the available resources are used in the best possible way. This is a significant contribution to environmental protection. Among other things, by shifting freight traffic from road to rail.

Your questions and our answers (FAQ)

  • No. On IMSLOT the contract holder is the “Assetholder”. These define their partners / customers in the system. The deposited contracts are valid bilaterally and are protected. Both determine together how they want to exchange their transport orders and offers.

    IMSLOT is not a technical development to buy transports more cheaply via a platform, but it offers functionalities to accelerate, improve and make processes more efficient.

  • IMSLOT is financed by a commission per mediated completed transport unit. The commission is paid by the assetholder.

    This revenue will be used to a large extent in the construction of digital solutions for combined transport and the further development of IMSLOT.

  • Research and development into new systems and technologies has led the IMSLOT platform to build on these valuable experiences.

    The partners in combined transport themselves have expressed the will to manage the infrastructural deficits with correspondingly increasing transport volumes by means of digital technology and increased cooperation in addition to all competition. An important starting point is confidence in the neutrality and functionality of the software.

    Based on this technology and functionality, small, medium-sized and large entrepreneurs with globally active logistics companies and shipping companies can tailor their needs individually and yet collaboratively.

  • API (Application Programming Interfaces) is the modern version of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Although API connections serve the same purpose as EDI connections, they are based on newer technology that facilitates setup and maintenance. They are based on the same standard protocols as your modern web browser (https) and use simple, human-readable data formats such as JSON (Java Script Object Notation) or XML.

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